How it works

Please  click on the button “become a guest” and fill in the form at the end of this page so that we can find a Welcome Dinner-Partner for you. We ask for example about the languages you speak or how many people you would like to attend with. You are welcome to bring along another person – for example your wife or husband, your kids and friends. Just tell us so in the registration form.

In order for our ‘matching-algorithm’ to work it is very important that you answer the question “Have you lived in Germany for more than 4 years?”. This question will show us if you are an immigrant or not so that we can find dinner partners for you.



After you have signed up for your Welcome Dinner, you will get a confirmation e-mail. Then we get to work and look for the right host. This might take a little while. When we have found a dinner partner for you, we will let you know via e-mail. Your host will contact you via phone so that you can talk about the details (when, where etc.). If there are any problems, we will help.

We wish you a wonderful, international night!

Your Welcome Dinner Team

P.S.: Please tell us about your experience via We are always happy about pictures for our Facebook page and Instagram Feed so that we can tell others about our project.

*Please note that in terms of the new General Data Protection Regulation, from the  25th of May 2018, we will save and process your entered data in order to find the right host for you. After a year, we will delete the data. If you want us to stop using your data before that, please send us a message to our email address: